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First time in Australia! Habīb Muhammad al-Aydarus Australian Tour 2023

Renowned Islamic scholar and a prolific author, having penned numerous Islamic texts.

Habīb Muhammad al-Aydarus

Australian Tour 2023

Download Habib Muhammad’s Book on Futuwwa

He is teaching from this text during the Fajr classes and Saturday’s Knowledge Retreat

Futuwwa Book (English)Futuwwa Book (Arabic)

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About Habib Muhammad Al-Aydarus 🕌

Habib Muhammad Al-Aydarus, a respected Islamic leader and lecturer, is currently enlightening minds at Dar Al-Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen. With an educational background from Al-Ahqaff University in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, he is not only a voice of wisdom but also an influential figure in Da’wah activities, serving as the Superintendent of the Department of Da’wah, and as a key member of the Fatwa Division.

Global Influence 🌍

His teachings have travelled across the globe, touching hearts in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Comoros, the Gulf States, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Egypt and more. Through numerous conferences and Islamic events, and his appearances on radio and television programs, he has made significant contributions to the propagation of Islamic knowledge.

A Dedication to Learning 📚

Habib Muhammad Al-Aydarus’ commitment to spreading Islamic wisdom is demonstrated by his role as the Superintendent for the Abu Maryam Centre for Memorization of the Holy Quran, Tarim. Under his tutelage, many have embarked on their spiritual journeys towards a deeper understanding of the Quran.

Tour Dates & Locations

Sydney: Wed 2nd August – Sat 5th August 2023

Melbourne: Sun 6th August – Tues 8th August 2023

About Habīb Muhammad al-Aydarus

Habib Muhammad Abdullah Ali Al-‘Aydarus is an Islamic leader, lecturer, and writer of Yemeni descent. His vast speaking credentials have taken him around the globe to countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, UAE, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Gulf States, Japan, and various nations in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Notably, he has participated in several conferences, radio, and television programs promoting Islamic knowledge and da’wah. He currently serves as a lecturer at Dar Al-Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen, where he also holds positions of Superintendent of the Department of Da’wah, member of the Fatwa Division, and Superintendent of the Administration.

Habīb Muhammad pursued his education under the guidance of esteemed Islamic scholars and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law from the Faculty of Sharia in Al-Ahqaff University. In addition, he served as an Islamic leader and lecturer for two years in the town of Al-Shihr, Hadramout in Yemen, and was appointed as Superintendent for Abu Maryam, Centre for Memorization of the Holy Quran, Tarim.

Works by Habīb Muhammad al-Aydarus

Habīb Muhammad is also a prolific author, having penned numerous Islamic texts used by many students of the faith. Some of his published works include:

- The Study of Ramadhan for the Nation of Muhammad ﷺ (printed)
- Folding publication of 10 Lessons (printed)
- Unveiling the secrets of Umrah and Visitations (printed)
- The Path to knowing the As-Siddiq’s country (in publication)
- The succinct summary in Facilitating Preaching as an Individual (printed)
- The Knowledge of Management & Administration – legitimacy and principles (printed)
- Illuminating the Seekers of guidance – Stories of Ihya Ulum Ad-Deen (printed)
- Several more of his works are currently in the process of publication.

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