My first dowrah (40 day intensive course) in Dar al-Mustafa back in 2005. I would sleep inside the room that would eventually be the same room I would study the Shafi’i fiqh manual Minhaj al-Talibeen of Imam al-Nawawi many years later.

It would be the same room which seemed to have been infested with bed bugs (aka baqq!) which not only would suck your blood, but also not allow you to sleep.

Each morning I would wake up and search for the culprit ‘baqq’ but couldn’t find where they were coming from.

It wasn’t until 40 days later, when I had to roll up my sleeping bag, that I found armies of ‘baqq’ warmly nested in the seams of the sleeping bag and inside the pillow case. I don’t think I had scratched so much and so hard before in my life.

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The voice of the dedicated students and teachers who would walk around an hour before fajr waking us students up, with a loud and long ‘laaaaaaaaaa ilaaaaha illallaaaaaaaah….” and for those of us that wouldn’t wake up with that, a simple flick to the air conditioner (aka desert water evaporative cooler that pushes out cooler air than outside) to the off side would cause us to catch our breath, and wake up 

It was in such circumstances and feelings that I could probably say that was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

And every day, after Asr, for the Rawha, Habib Umar would be teaching and explaining this very poem – al-Wasiyyah – by Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad.

It is with this background that it seems fitting to delve into the meanings of that very poem and experience that helped change my life.

With every difficulty, comes ease. With every difficulty, comes ease.

Although you likely won’t have any bed baqqs to battle, nor struggle with people turning off the desert air cooler to wake you up – our enemies are the same, our nafs and ego.

So my hope and intention is that over the next 12 weeks (it could go for longer, as the meanings are DEEP), we will work together to battle our nafs, learn about the dunya and akhira, and how to reach Allah.

If you are ready for this challenge and commitment, then this class is for you.

Last night, I turned to my bookshelf and took out the same book which I wrote my notes in 15 years ago, whilst sitting in Musallah Ahlul Kisa’ in Dar al-Mustafa. In small pencil writing, the reminders are still there, reading and reliving each moment. The words of Habib Umar resonating, reflecting upon the commentary of al-Habib Ahmad ibn Zain al-Habashi, and the poem of Imam al-Haddad.. the sitting cross legged on the floor and trying not to lean on any walls, being focused and attentive with full adab, inwardly and outwardly. Perhaps I leave the rest of the experiences for inside our weekly classes inshallah!

The weekly online classes are based on one of the most brilliant and concise poems of advice for a Muslim in their path to Allah.

The Advice, al-Wasiyyah, written by Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad is comprised of 39 lines of poetry covering 48 essential issues in perfecting our relationship with Allah and the rest of creation.

Weekly Online classes delivered by Ahmed Abdo every Wednesday 7:30pm (Sydney time).

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This is an opportunity to recalibrate your spiritual compass, strengthen your resolve, and connect to an unbroken chain of traditional Islamic knowledge.

These weekly classes are open for men and women, with a recommended minimum age of 15 years for all attendees.