Founders of QUL College


Shaykh Ahmed Abdo

Ahmed Abdo is a Sydney born Imam, a scholar and respected teacher of Islam. After nearly ten years studying Islam in the blessed city of Tarim in Yemen he returned to give back to the people of Australia, his country. He studied in Dar al-Mustafa, an Islamic Seminary in Tarim, Hadramawt, under the tutelage of its Founder and Dean, Habib Umar bin Hafiz, a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and worldwide authority on Islamic Jurisprudence, Theology, and Spirituality. 

During his course of studies in Dar al-Mustafa, Ahmed studied the core Islamic sciences including Arabic grammar, jurisprudence, theology, prophetic traditions and spiritual wayfaring, with a particular interest in the area of Islamic Jurisprudence. 

He currently serves as an Honorary Chaplain, teaches Islamic Law and Spirituality courses through Shifa Institute which he founded to better inform people regarding the principles and teachings of Islam and how they apply in modern day society, particularly Australia. He has taught the “Foundations of Islamic Law”, and “Marvels of the Heart”, on spiritual excellence. His students are located in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane as well as Sydney. They access his courses through an online learning platform currently being refined through Shifa Institute. 

He has taught Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies at various schools in Sydney including Rissalah College and Australian International Academy.

Ahmed is also an accomplished Interpreter. He enjoys the challenge of listening to a message, absorbing it, then immediately communicating in a way that is appropriate and relevant to the target audience. He is actively involved in interfaith work, as well as within the Muslim community. He has conducted lessons at Auburn Gallipoli Mosque Youth Centre and Lakemba Mosque in the past. 

He delivers Friday sermons in various Islamic centres and mosques. 


Ustadha Genan Dadoun

Genan Dadoun completed her BA Communications degree with UTS in 2004 and then travelled to Tarim, Yemen where she was honoured to study the various Islamic Sciences at Daar Al-Zahraa under the tutelage of many great female scholars. In her 10 years abroad Genan had the honour of translating for many female scholars as well as teaching at Daar Al-Zahra.  She has taught the biography of the Prophet Muhammad and co-ordinates a youth program called SAYIT, focusing on the Islamic Identity of young Muslim girls in Australia. In her private and public classes, she addresses many of the challenges that face Muslim women living in a pluralistic society.