Shaykh Ahmed Abdo


  1. Salam Shaykh Ahmed Abdo,
    I hope your well.Could i kindly request to have you for one of the Jumaahs during september at Macquarie University? Which dates would shaykh be availible? If not, October is also fine.

  2. Dear Sadiq. How’s October 13?

  3. Salam Shaykh,

    I pray that you and your families are in the best of health and iman.

    My name is Syed from Perth.

    We met each other after your talk at Masjid Ibrahim, Perth couple of months back. There so many beautiful advises during the talk. May Allah rewards you abundantly.

    Shaykh, Please do let us know if you are coming/visiting to Perth again. As I would like to invite you to Ar-Rukun Mosque, Rockingham WA. We have monthly recitation of Ratib Alattas and Maulid Ad-dbai’e here. It would be great if could join us in this blessed gathering. Insya Allah.

    Looking forward to see you.

    Syed Mahader Alhabshee

  4. Wa Alaykum Assalam. I’d love to visit your masjid next time, insha Allah. When the next opportunity to travel arises, I hope to let you know.

    – Ahmed

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