How Was QUL College Born?

Our children deserve the best faith based and spiritual education. They deserve the most capable of teachers and mentors, ready to engage their minds and hearts. Many of our children feel restricted 5 days a week as they attend school. That’s where QUL College comes in.

QUL College was born to connect with our own children. It stands for:

Quest for Understanding and Living

Based on the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), where he responds to a companion asking for advice:

“Say: ‘I believe in Allah’, then be steadfast.”

Our Teachers and Mentors

Yes, we’re picky with our students. And we’re picky with our teachers. We want the best students, and the best teachers. We want to create a memorable experience for every child that enters the QUL College space. We want each young boy and girl to cherish the time they spend learning with us.

Our teachers also have a name. They are team QUL.

Your children have the privilege of being in the company of capable and creative mentors, as well as the founders of QUL College who are:

  • Shaykh Ahmed Abdo
  • Ustadha Genan Dadoun