Book of Assistance


Men & Women course
Who: Men & Women- 15+ years
Duration: 8 Weeks
When: TBA
Format: In Person and Online


This classic text offers a complete guide to Muslim devotions, prayers and practical ethics. It connects the outward with the inward, carefully guiding us through various pitfalls and mishaps, so that we may be of those who are protected and guided on the straight path.

The Book of Assistance succinctly summarizes the stages of this spiritual journey and its most important milestones, such as certainty in the Afterlife, the stages of spiritual development, and presence of heart in acts of worship. Good character with other people, sincerity, gratitude, and love of God are some of the important topics.

The author, Imam al-Haddad (d. 1720), lived at Tarim in the Hadramaut valley between the Yemen and Oman, and is widely held to have been the “spiritual renewer” of the twelfth Islamic century. Imam Haddad had the unique ability to synthesize the knowledge that had come before him into works easily accessible for Muslims of his time. His legacy provides us with valuable information on how to act with wisdom.

Introduction to the book and the Author
On certainty
On Intention
On Vigilance
On the Inner and the Outer Self
On Regular Devotions
On Reciting the Quran
On Acquiring knowledge
On Salutations and a Salutary Opinion
On Following the Sunna
On Conduct in Mosques
On Prayer om Congregation
On enjoying good and Forbidding Evil
On Gratitude
On Reliance on God
On Divine love and Contentment

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