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Habīb Muhammad al-Aydarus (Sydney)


August 2, 2023 - August 3, 2023    
All Day

Join us for a memorable evening of enlightening Islamic discourse and wisdom with our distinguished guest, Habib Muhammad Al-Aydarus, making his first-ever appearance in Sydney. A widely respected Islamic scholar and lecturer, Al-Aydarus has spent years disseminating Islamic knowledge across the globe, making significant contributions to the spiritual journeys of many.

Sydney Event Registrations:

🔹 Delve into a profound exploration of Islamic teachings

🔹 Engage in insightful discussions and Q&A sessions

🔹 Discover Al-Aydarus’ key works and take a deeper look into his published texts


Parliament House: Islam’s Honouring Indigenous People and the Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants and Treaties


Knowledge Retreat: Unique opportunity to learn directly from Habib Muhammad as he completes teaching his book on Futuwwah – Our Internal Code of Honour


Youth Forum: 14-17 year old participants including Islamic Schools and Homeschooling groups delegations – limited spaces available

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